At the Chamber, we create meaningful impact through our public policy focus and approach.

Our work moves the needle. Through the Chamber, you’re at the table on the issues that move Massachusetts forward. The span of issues we cover gives us an advantage because we see the connections between them. A strong transportation system will reduce emissions and increase housing options for downtown workers. The talent pipeline and business climate go hand-in-hand to create jobs and ensure that students and workers are skilled and ready to fill them.

We consistently apply critical and practical lenses in our analysis, looking at the effects on equity, the economy, and sustainability. This, combined with data and input from our members, steers us to positions that will make Greater Boston the best place for all businesses and all people to thrive.

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Carolyn Ryan
Carolyn Ryan

Senior Vice President, Policy & Research

Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce

We concentrate on six priority areas

Business Climate

Climate & Energy

Health Care

Housing & Development



Our Impact


Our effort directly translates to results and opportunities for our members. Whether it’s supporting a good policy or preventing a bad one, we strive for our region to compete and grow in a changing world.

Recent successes:
  • Our efforts helped put $500 million in ARPA funding into the state’s Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund, which benefits small businesses. An additional tens of millions in workforce training funding will invest in a diverse talent pipeline. 
  • We established and elevated the business voice in the Boston mayoral election with a series of candidate interviews informed by questions from our members. On election day, our CEO and board chair defined the business community’s priorities for the new mayor. 
  • Early in the pandemic, we flagged COVID testing as a top and long-lasting need, arguing for an “anywhere, anytime” standard.  
  • We spearheaded the Massachusetts Business Coalition on Transportation to unite the business voice on transportation policy. We brought together more than a dozen groups that all recognize that transportation underpins our economic growth and quality of life. 
  • We negotiated a provision in the paid family and medical leave law so that employers could keep their own existing plans and provide employees with better benefits than those offered by the state plan.  

The Latest Policy Updates

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Public Policy
business climate

Major Provisions of MA’s Historic Tax Relief Legislation

Public Policy
business climate

Chamber Opposes Legislation Banning Noncompetition Agreements

The Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce opposes S.1192, An Act relative to banning noncompetition agreements in the Commonwealth.
Public Policy

Chamber Offers Economic Evidence of Rent Control & Stabilization’s Negative Impacts

Increasing housing supply and tenant mobility creates widespread access to affordable housing. Rent stabilization limits access by reducing both methods: it chills both housing production and tenants’ willingness to move.

Move Forward With Us


We are a trusted, go-to resource for members, policymakers, and the public on issues affecting businesses, employers, the workforce, and the economy. If you’re a member, you have a dedicated policy contact who will answer your questions and listen to your concerns. Members at the Advocate level and higher can join our Leadership Councils for deeper engagement with our policy team.

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