Greater Boston’s talented workforce isn’t just a driving force of our economy. It’s our competitive advantage.

We help our members invest in that talent through comprehensive leadership development offerings designed to connect and grow strong leaders who lead both in and out of the office.

Our leadership development programs offer a unique blend of classroom and experiential learning that allows participants to:
  • Build meaningful, long-lasting connections
  • Learn from our region’s most influential leaders
  • Think critically about key business, policy and civic issues facing Greater Boston
  • Apply learnings back to their workplaces

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Rachel Benjamin
Rachel Benjamin

Learning & Development Program Manager

Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce

Our Programs


Boston’s Future Leaders Program

Presented in partnership with Harvard Business School, Boston’s Future Leaders (BFL) provides emerging leaders with a socially conscious and civically engaged leadership toolkit, as well as the opportunity to apply their knowledge through experiential assignments. Participants graduate with the skills, experience, and connections they need to lead Boston into the future.


Women’s Leadership Program

Presented in partnership with Simmons University, Women’s Leadership Program (WLP) empowers women at all stages in their career with the skills and network they need to excel, as well as to create the conditions for other women to thrive.


Transformational DEI Certificate

Fluency and training in diversity, equity, and inclusion is critical for business success in our increasingly complex and networked worlds. Offered in partnership with Diversity@Workplace Consulting Group, participants at any level of their organization will be equipped with actionable tools and techniques to bring back to their workplaces.

Fall Seminar for Women in the Workplace

Fall Seminar for Women

This seminar will provide badass career women with the foundational and social basis for excelling in their careers. This “abridged version” of our Women’s Leadership Program focuses on the impact of narrative on business. We will consider how the words we choose and the stories we tell, about ourselves and each other, dramatically affect all aspects of our professional selves.

Nominations open now !

Women’s Leadership Program

Our Women’s Leadership Program enables you to take your leadership to the next level by arming you with the most in-demand leadership toolkit.
Recruiting for 2022 FALL DEI Cohort : Transformational DEI Certificate
Registration Open Now!

Transformational DEI Certificate

We are now recruiting for our 2022 fall DEI cohort! We hope you’ll join us in our mission to increase DEI fluency and change in the Boston business community – starting with you.

Learning & Development Resources

Thought Leadership

Five Tips to Successfully Relaunch Your Career

Think about reentering the workforce as an opportunity to contribute your skills, which is why your first steps should be to identify those skills and what you truly enjoy doing. Then, reach out to your network for support.
Thought Leadership

Embracing Vulnerability as a Leader

Being able to connect with others on a human, emotional level is a valuable skill. If you are your authentic self in the workplace, it can make you a better leader. And we need leaders who embrace vulnerability and practice compassion in the workplace. We would not have been able to get through the last year without empathy, consideration and understanding for others.
Thought Leadership

A Lesson in Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

A Lesson in Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

Join the 250+ companies that have enrolled so far.