Addressing Historic & Contemporary Inequities to Create an Inclusive, Wealth-Generating Economy for All

We aim to make Greater Boston the region to replicate—we will do this by engaging with the larger business community and investing in efforts to tackle persistent racial, ethnic, and gender-based wealth gaps. 

Catalyzing a multi-institutional focus on economic recovery and equity is critical. There is a long way to go but through dedicated, intentional work with our partners, including through programs like Pacesetters and City Awake, we aim to achieve economic inclusion for all in the Commonwealth.  

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Amber Haskell
Amber Haskell

Director, Economic Inclusion

Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce

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    New Report Reveals Specifics Of Racial
    Wealth Gap in America

    A new report from McKinsey & Company shows a stunning wage and revenue gap in America based on race. One of the report’s authors, Shelley Stewart III, shares the specifics of the racial wealth gap and possible solutions to these issues.

    Watch the Video

    The Business Case for Good Jobs

    Secretary Marty J. Walsh hosts a discussion with American Sustainable Business Network President, David Levine, and business owners about the department’s Good Jobs Initiative and how private sector employers can recruit, retain and strengthen their workforce through improved job quality.

    Watch the Video
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    Boston Fed and Partners Re-examining Wealth Divides in the Region

    Boston Fed Community Affairs Officer Prabal Chakrabarti joined the Six Hundred Atlantic podcast to discuss the aims of the new study, how it differs from previous work in the space, and why this kind of work is so essential.

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    Are You Bridging or Broadening the Racial Wealth Gap?

    Organizations often view inclusion, along with its cousins diversity and equity, as a goal. But what if they start viewing it as a practice, an active commitment, and a way of doing business? Kedra Newsom Reeves argues that organizations must deeply embed inclusivity into their business practices.

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    The Color of the Capital Gap

    This report by The Boston Foundation explores how closing gaps in access to capital for entrepreneurs is one critical way to bolster civil and economic rights, as part of the broader racial justice movement in the United States.

    View full Report

    US Department of Labor Announces Apprenticeship Building America Program

    The U.S. Department of Labor today announced a grant program to strengthen, modernize, expand and diversify its Registered Apprenticeship Program to enable more workers to earn while they learn and find reliable pathways to the middle class.

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    Why The Racial Wealth Gap Is So Hard To Close

    Despite all the ostensible progress Black Americans made in politics, business, and culture in the mid-to-late 20th and early 21st centuries, the economists find there’s been very little progress in closing the average racial wealth gap since 1950.

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    United Black Economies

    United Black Economies is a collective fundraising effort, by Boston Ujima Project, Black Farmer Fund, and Bronx Cooperative Development Initiative, demonstrating that black people have all the assets and power needed to fund, cultivate, and create the economic systems needed to sustain Black communities.

    Learn More

    Boston Neighborhood Finally Gets the Business It Wants – And Invests in It Too

    Hear from one community-supported, Black-owned jazz restaurant in Boston, Jazz Urbane Café, and the work towards Roxbury’s local investments. This article in Next City’s The Bottom Line series explores scalable solutions for problems related to affordability, inclusive economic growth and access to capital.

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    Massachusetts Apprentice Network

    The Massachusetts Apprentice Network convenes employers, training providers, and talent sources dedicated to developing and implementing transformative apprenticeship programs in occupations across industries and statewide in fields such as tech, advanced manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, and more.

    Learn More

    Ujima Good Business Alliance

    Ujima Good Business Alliance is committed to advancing social and economic justice through the private sector. The Alliance is a powerful platform for local businesses to connect, cooperate, and receive support and resources to help you thrive.

    Learn More

    Mill City Community Investments &
    Foundation for Business Equity

    Mill Cities Community Investments (MCCI) and the Foundation for Business Equity (FBE) under the leadership of the same Executive Director have a deeply integrated partnership focused on access to capital and closing the racial wealth gap.

    Learn More

    Explore ApprenticeshipUSA

    Employers everywhere are discovering a new type of employee. They create your future workforce, lift up your community, and help grow your business. We call them an apprentice. Visit
    ApprenticeshipUSA and discover how to join a program or start your own.


    Apprenticeship ROI Calculator

    Dollar for dollar, no workforce training method packs as much ROI punch as apprenticeship.
    As you know, every business is different, so we have included a link to an ROI calculator provided by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

    Dowload the Apprenticeship Calculator

    Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative
    The Community Land Trust

    Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative (DSNI) is the lead collaborator for comprehensive community development initiatives, organizing residents to revitalize our neighborhood, increase our economic opportunities and leverage the creativity and diversity of our community.

    Learn about their work in their Organizing School and leasing land in Roxbury and North Dorchester at affordable rates for housing, open space, agriculture, and commercial spaces for microenterprises and non-profit organizations.

    Learn More

Our Economic Inclusion Work Aims To:

Attract, empower, and retain diverse talent, entrepreneurs, and future leaders

Decrease the income gap for minority business enterprises and the communities from which they are born and operate

Convene, celebrate, and inspire those invested in achieving economic inclusion for all

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Economic Inclusion
Economic Inclusion

Economic Inclusion Committee

Our Economic Inclusion Committee provides strategic support around research, policies, and programs that are focused on building a thriving economy where opportunity is available to all.

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Our Economic Inclusion Committee Chairs

Corey Thomas
Corey Thomas

Chairman and CEO Rapid7

Miceal Chamberlain
Miceal Chamberlain

President Bank of America Greater Boston

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