Over the next few decades, Massachusetts will embark on a massive transition towards a more climate resilient and cleaner economy, driven by state requirements to reduce carbon emissions and the reality of changes to our climate.

This transition will impact every employer, large and small, as federal, state, and local governments prioritize climate change with major policy initiatives. 

From vulnerable transportation infrastructure and power grid resiliency, to changes in the insurance and real estate industries, to the sources and costs of our energy, climate change will have widespread effects. The Chamber will focus on the rapidly evolving policy challenges related to climate change and ensure that businesses have a voice in the discussion.



The Commonwealth has set ambitious statewide carbon reduction requirements, but there are many outstanding questions about how individuals and businesses can actually achieve those reductions in practice. This is further complicated by new approaches to siting and infrastructure, that rightly seek to limit detrimental impacts on vulnerable communities. Close attention to the implementation of statewide climate roadmaps and the practical impacts of those policies is essential.


Balancing climate goals with affordability and accessibility


The transformation to a cleaner economy requires investments in clean energy, the electric grid, clean transportation, and our built environment. The state must balance these needs with retaining a dynamic and competitive business environment and ensure these investments are affordable and accessible to small businesses and taxpayers at large.  


Economic development opportunity


Regions that best prepare, mitigate, and adapt to the realities of climate change can also unlock and retain economic opportunities. New clean industries and products are developed in our region, driving job growth and innovation. Fostering these opportunities, and ensuring that trained, diverse talent is available to these employers, should be a priority as the economy makes this transition. 

How We Reach Our Climate & Energy Goals

Buildings and Infrastructure
Buildings and Infrastructure

Adapt our built environment in a cost-effective and practical manner to reduce emissions and adapt to climate change impacts.

Energy Future and Costs
Energy Future and Costs

Ensure an affordable, reliable, and sustainable electric grid that supports a competitive business environment and acknowledges the energy infrastructure needs for a dependable system.

A Thriving Green Economy
A Thriving Green Economy

Prepare and connect diverse talent to green jobs and the new clean economy.

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Climate & Energy
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