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Our members point to transportation as their top policy priority because of its direct impact on the economy and workforce. Transportation also directly links to other important policy issues, such as the region’s housing supply, carbon emissions, access to talent and jobs, and even health outcomes for residents. 

We know that the transportation system is at an inflection point because of fundamental changes to the ways in which we travel, work, and live. Those changes, and how the state can respond, shape our policy positions.

Changing Demand

It’s no surprise that the long-standing “9 to 5, Monday to Friday” commute is no longer the standard. As a result, employers and employees want flexible public transit schedules and fares. In addition to flexibility, riders expect to have a safe and modern experience.  

Financial Stability

More than $7 billion in once-in-a-generation federal funding for transportation projects will open opportunities to improve and expand road and transit systems. But with that funding comes responsibilities–taxpayers expect transparency and accountability, as well as to see measurable and positive changes made to their transportation system.

Economic Opportunity & Development

Reliable transportation for all residents, particularly public transit, is rooted in equity and is linked to talent pipelines. A strong economy requires a transportation system that creates links, rather than barriers, between jobs and potential employees.

Boston traffic
Boston traffic

Climate Change & Carbon Reduction

Transportation is the largest source of carbon emissions in Massachusetts. With the state’s commitment to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, our transportation infrastructure needs major changes, including how we fund it. Transitioning to electric vehicles will lower gas tax revenues— transportation funding’s primary source—and require rethinking about the uses, finances, and plans for roads and transit systems.

A Modern<br> System 
A Modern

Creating a safe, nimble
 transportation system that meets today’s expectations.

 An Ability to Execute 
 An Ability to Execute 

Delivering projects on time, on budget, and with high-quality results.

Always <br>Future-Ready 

Transforming financial and physical structures for a changing world.

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