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Public Policy

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We research, develop, and advocate for public policies that contribute to the economic success of our region and generate economic opportunity for businesses and people. Our policy priorities are designed to advance:

  • Global competitiveness: promoting policies that keep organizations in Greater Boston, foster their growth and attract new business.
  • Sustaining a dynamic region: developing our strengths as a region to ensure economic opportunity for all and a workforce that adapts to economic changes.
  • World-class talent: Ensuring that employers have a pipeline of high-quality workers and that our region has the qualities that attract and retain top talent.


Public Policy

With our goal of generating economic opportunity for our region, our businesses and the people of Greater Boston, our policy work focuses on five critical areas:

  • Transportation: Improving our transportation systems and infrastructure, statewide.  
  • Talent, Education and Training: Informing and directing efforts that cultivate our talented workforce
  • Economic Mobility: Studying and supporting work aimed at ending inequality and wage disparity through improved economic mobility. 
  • Health Care Cost Solutions: Engaging in efforts to find health care cost solutions. 
  • Competitiveness: Encouraging state policies that maintain and enhance our region’s competitiveness.

While we prioritize these five key policy areas, the Chamber engages in policy discussions across a broad spectrum of topics that have a direct impact on the business community and our region. You can find our recent legislative accomplishments and public statements on policy on our Issues and Impact page and our Media Center

Public Policy Team

Our Policy group combines research and analysis with government relations. We work closely with departments across the organization to serve our members with relevant programs and useful communications.

Government Relations

The Government Relations team leads the Chamber’s efforts to advocate for specific policies at the city, state and federal levels. It also works with elected officials and their staff, Chamber members and other stakeholders to support implementation of key policies.

Research and Data Analytics Capabilities

We work to collect and analyze myriad data from government, economic, business and other sources to support our members’ needs. This includes informing our robust policy and advocacy agenda, as well as identifying emerging issues that affect the broader workforce and economy. We regularly produce objective analysis and reports for our members, stakeholders and the public to provide a comprehensive look at every aspect of an issue.