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Public Policy

Student Loan Repayment Assistance: A Guide for Employers

This week, the Student Debt Working Group formed in 2016 by the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce and the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office released an Employer Guide that provides an overview of student loan repayment assistance as an employee benefit, guidance on developing a student loan assistance program, and examples of local employers who have already successfully put such programs into place. 



The Employer Guide is just one of the initiatives included in the Working Group’s recently released report that highlights the group’s accomplishments, recommendations and other initiatives underway to help student borrowers and address the student loan debt crisis.

Over the past year, the Student Debt Working Group – which has brought together leaders from the business community, non-profits, and government to exchange ideas for improving access to higher education – has come together to discuss strategies to reduce unaffordable debt, increase transparency in student lending, and learn about programs at colleges and universities to create more affordable paths to graduation and into the workforce and help employees manage and repay their loans.

View the entire press release here