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Public Policy

Chamber Supports Creation of a Dedicated Grant Program for Career/Vocational Technical Education

On February 7, 2018, the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce submitted to members of the Senate a letter of support for Amendment 171 to S.2279, An Act to provide for capital facility repairs and improvements for the Commonwealth, filed by Senator Eric Lesser. Amendment 171 creates a dedicated grant program to support the construction, equipment, and development of Chapter 74 career/vocational technical education (CVTE) programs in Massachusetts. 

For the past decade, Massachusetts’s students have faced lengthy wait lists at CVTE schools due to increased demand for and higher enrollment in CVTE programming. Moreover, employers across every sector are facing skills gaps and have trouble finding enough qualified employees to fill jobs essential to our growing economy. This dedicated grant program would work to alleviate both issues. By providing capital funding for renovations and equipment upgrades, the grant program further increases access to CVTE curriculum across the state which is a critical investment in the development of our talent pipeline. Further, employers benefit from the additional Chapter 74 programming, which aligns high school curriculum with the in-demand skills and competencies sought after by employers. Read the Chamber's support letter