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Public Policy

Boston at a Standstill: The Cost of Congestion and its Impact on the Regional Economy

In 2017, drivers spent an average of 60 hours in congestion during peak commuting hours, up from 58 hours in 2016, making Boston the seventh most congested city in the country. The Chamber estimates that a worker making the average annual income for the Boston region could earn $1,300 in 60 hours, but instead loses this time as traffic lengthens their daily commute. With over 1.8 million individuals relying on cars for their daily commute, the region as a whole misses out on $2.4 billion in potential earnings or lost productivity. 
To address the shortcomings of our current transportation infrastructure and decrease congestion in the region the Chamber recommends that the state establish a clear transportation infrastructure plan that anticipates regional growth and explore a long-term, reliable, dedicated revenue source for both roads and public transit.  

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