Statement of Chamber President Paul Guzzi in support of transportation bill proposed by legislative leaders

The Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce released the following statement by Paul Guzzi, President and CEO of the Chamber, in support of the transportation finance bill proposed this week by legislative leaders:

“The bill proposed by legislative leaders this week represents a serious and comprehensive approach to our transportation problems.

“It addresses public transit needs across the state, puts the transportation system on a sound financial footing, and sets the stage for important reforms that should accompany new funding and for future capital investment projects.

“In terms of financing, the Chamber has long advocated the principle that transportation needs should be met with transportation-related revenues. And while no set of revenue options is perfect or without impact, this package represents the kind of broad-based compromise that will enable our transportation system to promote and accelerate economic growth.

“We look forward to working with legislative leaders and Governor Patrick toward enactment of transportation finance legislation.”