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Transportation – Logan Passengers

What does the latest data show?

In October, 3,187,926 passengers traveled through Logan Airport, for a total of over 35 million passengers over the past twelve months. That total is 5.17 percent higher than the prior twelve month total; it also grew from 2013 through 2014. (Source: Massport)

What is this indicator and why is it important?

This indicator represents the rolling total of passengers – both domestic and international – at Boston Logan International Airport in the most recent twelve months, as compared to the prior twelve months. Individual month data fluctuates seasonally, making the rolling twelve month total the best indicator of Logan traffic and the health of the economy.

How is the Chamber making a difference?

The Chamber is working to make Logan even more of an asset for Greater Boston employers and residents, as well as for domestic and international visitors. We are working with Massport to expand the number of international destinations that can be reached by non-stop flights from Logan, fueling additional opportunities and trade. This is part of the Chamber’s effort to strengthen the state’s entire transportation system. Click here to view the Chamber’s advocacy agenda.

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